Sogna Spa

You do not have to be an overnight guest to use our spa.

In Sogna Spa you will be able to relax in sun loungers, massage chairs, sauna and whirlpool bath. Refreshments and fruit are included.

Access by advance booking only. Reserve time at reception.

The rental of towels and mats is included.
It is possible to rent or purchase bathrobes and slippers.

Please note that bringing drinks is not allowed on the hotel premises.
Show up in good time before your booked appointment.
Always use a dry towel to sit / lie on.
All use of the sauna and bathing is at your own risk.
Children must be under constant adult supervision when using the sauna, jacuzzi and when swimming in the fjord on the hotel grounds.

Leikanger has Norway’s mildest climate. Leikanger Fjordhotel has its own sandy beach, and there is a staircase to the water directly from the spa area.

Rental of kayaks

Rentals for 30 minutes or 1 hour