The Strandavegen cultural road

Strandavegen is a walk through old heroes history, viking history and cultural history. Strandavegen follows the fjord to the east from the stairs at Leikanger Fjord Hotel to Leikanger Church.

Along the way you will find:

  • The memorial Park of Norway’s first king, Harald Hårfagre (850-932) (100 meters from the hotel)
  • Excavations of over 1000 year old burial mounds at the Husabø graveyard. There you will find several antic monuments both from before the Viking Age and from the Viking Age. (About 500 meters from the hotel)
  • In the graveyard stands Baldersteinen, Norway’s tallest stone monument (over 8 meters)
    The Leikanger Church is from around 1250. The stone church was later rebuilt several times
  • Several exotic trees in the parish garden by the church. (About 900 meters from the hotel)

You will find more information on signs along the road and on: and (pages in Norwegian)