Norwegian wild salmon center

Learn about the world of Atlantic salmon
The Lærdals river has a rich tradition as one of the best salmon rivers in Norway, and is perhaps the best known internationally. You can now experience this rich history and see the salmon up close.
The Norwegian Wild Salmon Center is located in the heart of the Sognefjord on the banks of the Lærdals river, one of the most famous salmon rivers in Norway and Europe. The center gives visitors insight into the life history of the Atlantic salmon, the management of the wild salmon tribes and the tradition of salmon fishing. The first English lords came to Lærdal in the early 1800s. Large catches of up to 25 kg have lured business people, movie and music stars and royal personalities to Lærdal to fish salmon.

Salmon observatory
The center has a unique salmon observatory for wild salmon and sea trout. There you can see the big salmon up close.

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